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The Guarantees

You have many driving schools to choose from and I want to show you I am a great choice for you to make, but I have to prove that don't I?

So I am offering you a Money Back Guarantee, a Pass Promise and a 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty. Just what are they and how do they work..?

Money Back Guarantee: You do not know how good I am and it is hard to tell the difference between one school and another so if I say to you "don't pay me if you do not like the lesson" That gives you the perfect opportunity to try me out.  Even if you have done 20 lessons and you didn't like the one you have just did, just ask for your money back and we can go our separate ways. But I really don't think it will come to that :)

Pass Promise: In a moment I am going to ask you to go through some procedures with me and if you do, I will give you my pass promise guarantee. I want you to pass your theory test inside 6 weeks of starting to drive with me. To take a regular 2 hour lesson each week, but if you miss a week just make it up. To have a mock test before you take your practical. To have at least 40 hours of tuition with me, the national average is 47 hours. To have shown you are an independent and you don't need me by your side. If you do that with my driving school and you fail your driving test I will cover the cost of your next test with me. You will need to take 6 hours of lessons in between to make sure you are 100% prepared and confident of going into your test.

2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty after you have passed your driving test you still are very new to driving and at times you may want to call upon my services so I can help you with a few things. Maybe you want me next to you when you drive your car for the first time or perhaps a recap on roundabouts. I will give you 3 hours in the first year and 3 hours in the second year. You need to provide your own fuelled and road legal car and to set a date, time and location which is convenient to me.
The hours cant be used for motorway tuition, be sold, transferred, they do not hold a cash value and cannot be carried into the following year.

These are the guaranteed you need!
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