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Automatic Driving Schools in Hemel Hempstead

Choosing to pass your driving test in an automatic car is a very smart choice for you to make because it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Todays cars have never been so good, and for automatic cars they are a revelation especially when you consider there is so much traffic on the roads. It is starting to become less of a driving test and more of a test of how to drive in congestion.

And thats where driving an automatic car makes your life so much easier, because no one wants to be changing gears in traffic, especially up hill at a set of traffic lights. So choosing to learn in an auto makes so much sense.
You don't have to mess with the gears, trying to figure out three pedals, and taking one hand off the steering wheel all while you are looking out of your windscreen keep yourself safe.

In fact if they clock could be turned back 120 years, in hindsight the first car would have been an automatic and then all cars would have followed the same way. Many of my learners choose my driving school because they will need fewer lessons to pass their test, all you really need to do is concentrate on your road craft and build your experience.

Hill Starts

Lots of learner drivers fail on a hill start because when they release the brake they go backwards, in a automatic you can't do that unless you have chosen reverse. It is simply not possible.

Changing Gears

If you struggle with changing your gears 3 times on your test it will be marked as a fail.

Less Stress and No Pressure

So there you are in traffic with all these cars around you changing in and out of gear or holding down the clutch as they wait to move off. All you need to do is release the break to move, its just one foot driving in traffic...So easy!


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automatic driving schools hemel hempstead
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