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Beginner Lessons

Learning to drive and pass your driving test with our novice learners course. You will go from start to finish and get your licence in no time.

Driving Test Rescue

We know why you are failing your test! A special course for learners who need to change their driving instructor.

Motorway Lessons

We want to keep you safe on the road and therefore offer motorway courses for after you have passed your test.

Part Trained

This course is for you if you can already drive a little. No need to start all over from the beginning. Save time and money.

Confidence Building

Take control and feel comfortable on this amazing course to blow away your driving anxieties.

Parking Lessons

A great course for people who are learners or full licence holders. We make parking easy.
Keith is a legend. Helped me pass first time

Steven Jones
Hemel Hempstead
I was learning to drive with another school and was not best please so switched over to Keith and he was great. He helped me to get my licence and I recommend him to anyone

Hemel Hempstead
Keith made learning to drive a lot of fun, much ess scary than I thought it would be

Hemel Hempstead
Couldn't be happier with the service Keith gave. Always on time, made the lessons enjoyable and I passed at the first go with 3 minors

Hemel Hempstead
I recommend Keith Stearnes to anyone, helped both my son and daughter get their driving licence and they are both very safe drivers.

Mrs Jayne Walters
Hemel Hempstead

Automatic Drivng Lessons in Hemel Hempstead

So you want to take automatic driving lessons in Hemel Hempstead and pass your driving test. Well I don't blame you, driving is a brilliant thing to do and the opportunities you will find will change your life forever.

Of course you have the convenience of nipping to the shops and going out late at night or early in the morning but the ting with driving is you world will be a different place. A better job perhaps, new friends for sure, places to see, family to visit, holidays, weekends name it, that is the beauty of driving.


If you join my driving school you will have the advantage of  a Money Back Guarantee, my Pass Promise and a 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty. In short I want you to know your money is safe, you won't get ripped off with sitting at the side of the road for most of your driving lesson and I will help keep you safe after you have passed your test.

The Money Back Guarantee (MBG)

You need to be sure your money is safe, it s very difficult for anyone to tell if a driving school is good or not so the MBG gives you the protection you need. It applies for the lesson you are on or have just taken. If you are no entirely happy with my performance just ask for your money back. As simple as that. If you are on the lesson, I will drive you to your drop off location, we can part with a shake of hands.

Pass Promise

You want to pass first time and I am going to do everything possible for you to achieve that, so if you do not pass my promise to you is I will pay cover the cost of your next driving test.

What I want you to do to give you the best chance of passing first time is the following. You have to take 2 hours of lesson with me every week, and you must complete at 40 hours of training. The national average numbers of hours of training is actually 47, so you are well under that. You need to have taken and passed your theory test inside 6 weeks of joining me and before your practical test you must have set and passed at least one mock exam.

Once you have passed your mock exam you can take the practical. If you happen to somehow fail your practical exam I will cover the cost of your next test. In between you will be required to do 6 hours remedial lessons.

Everything I ask is fairly standard but I prefer to state it so you can see what is expected.

2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

After you have passed your driving test for the newt two years your licence is on a probationary period and if you collect 6 points on your licence it is revoked and you have to re take your test.

The driving licence warranty helps you to keep safe and legal.
Whether you have received a speeding penalty or perhaps you have bought your first car and want me next to you when you first drive it, your warranty can be used.

You are entitled to 3 hours of free refresher lessons each year for 2 years. You can't carry the hours over into the following year and they can't be transferred or sold on to someone.

All the lessons will be conducted in your car, which is fuelled and road legal. I will give you my time for free, so your refresher lesson will have to be on a date and time suitable for both of us.

The warranty is not extended to advanced driving such as pass Plus or motorway lessons. The aim is to keep you safe and legal.

Beginner Driving Lessons

This course is for people who have never driven before. 
On your first lesson you will be driving and you will learn perhaps the most important aspect to you sit in the car. After positioning your seat and correcting your mirrors you will be son turning the key and on the road.

Your first lesson will be away from other traffic and I will be keeping you at all times so it doesn't matter if you mess up...that's life and I expect to it happen...unless you are a born again Lewis Hamilton or perhaps James May :)

After you lesson is finished we will look at what you have learned and what you will be working on next. 

Part Trained Lessons

If you have driven before, perhaps with another driving instructor in Hemel Hempstead or maybe with friends and family, one things is for sure, you do not want to start from the beginning.

Part trained lessons are designed to use your current skills as a foundation to passing your driving test. In your first lesson it is your chance to show me what you can do, don't worry if you make mistakes, thats what learning is about. At the end of the lesson I will give you a personal plan to help you get your driving licence.

Confidence Building Lessons

Some drivers can be a bit nervous when learning to drive, in fact allow me to rephrase that. MANY drivers feel this way, so you are not on your own, far from it.

The way I will help you overcome your nerves is by allowing you to learn at your own pace and always keeping you safe. I won't push you into anything you don't yet fancy trying because  I want you to feel comfortable and soon you will be in control and driving. 

Driving Test Rescue

If you have been failing your driving test with another driving school this is the course for you. When you phone me just give me a little explanation as to why you have failed and then jump in the car and show me what you can do. I will help you iron out those creases and soon you will be 100% prepared and 100% confident of going into your driving test and coming out with your driving licence.


Phone me! 
Due to popularity I often have a waiting list so please contact me now and get in quick while you can.  07977140119


Keith Stearnes


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